Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Shower in MA

This past weekend was such a blast! We headed to MA for a shower given by my fantastic family. My sister's and mom did such an amazing job creating such a memorable day for us. We were able to see friends and family that we hadn't seen in such a long time. It made me miss being home so badly!! We are so incredibly fortunate to have family that love us so much! We received a lot of nice gifts, especially those Red Sox and Patriots onesies, I think we have at least 10 now!! That will leave CJ plenty of chances to spit up!! Enjoy the pics!! Don't you just LOVE the cake?


Laura said...

Yes, I LOVE the cake! I'm so sad we couldn't be there for all the fun! Looks like you got some great stuff! I think I might have to offset some of that Red Sox and Patriots stuff with some black and gold SAINTS gear! :) Love you!

Mary said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Glad Becky could be there. Love,

Penny said...

Yay! Have you gotten it washed and out away yet? I love that part too, getting everything nice and cozy :O)
Jill, I must say again, you look wonderful! and so do you Chad :o)