Monday, January 19, 2009


Wow, I didn't realize how hard this job would be!! People told me it would be but until you are actually doing it, you don't realize! We are all adjusting well to our new addition, little C.J., even Sampson. At first he didn't know what to expect, but now he is very protective and likes to sniff and lick him a lot. We are doing well trying to get C.J. on a schedule, Chad has been very disciplined, which has helped me a lot, he keeps me on track!! We have even had some 5 hour stretches of sleep for the past couple nights, really cool!! My parents are still here and are such a tremendous help, just taking care of stuff. My mom takes really good care of me so that I can take care of my baby. Recovering from a c-section is a slow process, but I feel better every day, more and more like myself. We have had a lot of visitors over the last week, which is always fun and people have been so generous with bringing meals and gifts, we have such a great church family!
Here are some more pics...


Jon said...

Nice Hat CJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary said...

He just looks adorable. Natalie has some great pics of C.J on her blog too. Give a hug for me.
Love, Mary