Sunday, March 8, 2009

8 weeks old!!

Where does the time go? I can barely believe that 2 months ago our sweet little boy arrived!! I was saying to Chad last night that I can't remember what our lives were like before he was here, it seems like another life or something. Things are going well and we seem to be getting into more of a schedule these days, now that I have said that things will probably backfire in my face! He is sleeping about 5-6 hours at night now which is great!! I am trying to get him to nap at least 2x a day which I am successful at some days. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be and he would much rather fall asleep and stay asleep in someones arms, I am trying to break him of this bad habit! We are planning on making the "big move" to his crib in a couple weeks, before I have to go back to work. I figured I won't be able to handle all of the changes at once. Chad and I had our first date night last night while Grandma and Grandpa watched C.J. I had a really hard time leaving him but knew that he was in great hands! He did wonderful and was a little fussy but nothing G & G couldn't handle! A good friend of mine, Renee came to visit last weekend and took some awesome pics, here is a preview for you to enjoy!


Mary said...

Wow He is handsome! of course with beautiful parents like you he would be. What great eyes!!!Hugs from Mary

Peggy said...

Jill he is soooo dear!!

We miss you!!!!!