Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend of Firsts

CJ had a couple of firsts this weekend, his first swim and his first Fourth of July. He went swimming with his friend Natalie and really liked it! The water was nice and warm, just perfect for him. He liked it so much that we bought him his own pool and tried it again yesterday, but the water was too cold, so he SCREAMED most of the time. I tried to get a picture with both of them looking at the camera, it was impossible, so I did the best I could. CJ also went to his first Fourth of July parade and he did really great! The only time he screamed was when the big trucks came and honked, it was worse than a fire truck, it even startled me!! Oh, I almost forgot, he also had his first vegetable, sweet potatoes!! He really liked them! We tried apples today and he loved them but they didn't agree with his little belly :( Here are some pics from this weekend. Enjoy!!!


Peggy said...

Love the expression on CJ's face - he is contemplating that flag sooo intently!! I have a request - skip the feet pics - get more pics of the hands!!! Love those baby hands!!! Let's lunch soon! Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting on the tin. Hugs

Mary said...

These are keeper photos just for the terrific expresiions on their faces. I love the feet and hands are ok too but faces with those looks are the best. Hugs to all including Natalie.