Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Officially a SAHM

Well, It's official, all of the teachers here in MD, have returned to school. It is such a strange feeling, knowing that I am not going back. I must say that I feel a little lost. The last five years of my life I have had a career, a place to go every day and feel somewhat rewarded, validated, if you will. I know that God has prepared me and given me all the tools to be C.J.'s mom, and I am SO grateful that I don't have to send him to a daycare for 7-8 hours a day. I know that some people do not have a choice, but I must say that I am truly blessed because of this opportunity. I know it will not be an easy job, I am sure the hardest I will ever have, much harder than getting up and going to "work" everyday. This is my "work" now!! I plan on staying as BUSY as I can with playdates, errands, etc. I know the type of person that I am, easily bored, so I will just have to make sure that doesn't happen. I am excited to see what God brings in the next 5 years of my life! Here is a picture of my little munchkin the other night while I was making dinner on the grill, enjoy!!

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Mary said...

God bless you as you stay home and "Mother" your little one. He is getting even more handsome each time I see him. Hugs to all.