Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! CJ got to meet his cousin Riley for the first time, it was so great!! Auntie Laura, Uncle Daniel and Riley all came here from New Orleans to spend Thanksgiving with us, it was awesome! CJ loved his Thanksgiving dinner, he pretty much ate everything that was put in front of him, as usual!! I think cranberry sauce may have been his favorite though, he just couldn't get enough :) This morning, CJ said his first real word "bottle". I don't really count Mama and Dada as first words, they are more sounds to me than words. Of course, he wouldn't say "bottle" any more for the day, but they never perform when we want them to right?? Here are some pics of Thanksgiving, and CJ meeting Riley and baby Will (another friend of the family's baby) Will have more pics to post soon though, because Riley will be coming over for lunch tomorrow after church. Enjoy!!

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