Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome to our Blog!!

Ok, so we have been asked SO many times, when are you going to start a baby blog?? Everyone has one, so of course, we thought we should too!! This is our very first post to share about our baby boy, CJ. It is still so strange for me to say his name and not to have met him yet. I am 26 1/2 weeks along and he weight about 1 1/2 pounds right now. Every week I get an update from the baby center that tells me how much he weighs, and what he is doing in there, and also what fruit and vegetable he is comparable to. This week he is as big as an English Hothouse Cucumber!! Wouldn't ya know??? I find that SOOO amusing, seeing as I didn't know such a thing existed!!
I will try and not bore you with these posts, but right now there are not to many exciting things going on. I will post our first pictures of our boy and what his nursery looks like. I may even throw in a prego pic of me, if you are lucky!! I hope you enjoy!!

This is his first portrait, how handsome!
Me at 26 weeks!!

This is the start of the nursery, Chad has done such a great job!! His closet already has clothes in it!! WOW!


Amber said...

Yay! I'm SO excited that y'all started a blog! Hooray for you! You look so cute prego :) Miss you tons... can't wait for Mr. CJ's arrival!

MDYocums said...

i love the sonogram! isnt it cool to see his little profile?

Natalie said...

I love you CJ!

Penny said...

This is great!! Love the color.
Jill, you look amazing! ;o)
Thanks for sharing with us.
Miss you guys.
BTW, what does CJ stand for?

MDYocums said...

everything (especially you) looks great!! the color is really nice in there...very calming!

CJs sonogram is so cool! Ahh, it makes me remember the first time we saw Caleb and we just wondered what HE would be like! I'm so excited for you guys.

Thanks for doing the blog! ;)


ckuretich said...

Ok, WHY is he an "english hothouse cucumber" as opposed to just a regular old cuke? That is so bizarreeeeeee...and your blog could never be boring.

JP said...

Hey Cousin Jill-

Leticia told me about your blog site here, so I had to check it out.

You look great; you've got that pregant glow. Glad to know everything is going well for you. You guys must be getting excited, huh? We're getting very excited as well. I actually felt him kick the other day...pretty amazing.

Is that your dog? We have two Yorkies ourselves. Brats, but they're part of the fam.

Let me know how things progress!

Take care.