Thursday, December 11, 2008

36 week update...

Well, not really much to report. The doc said everything looks good, she thinks C.J. is about 6 pounds and doesn't expect him to be a huge baby, which makes me feel better. Now I know there is no way of really knowing, so I am not getting my hopes up!! I did somehow manage to lose a pound which totally made my day seeing as I haven't really kept track the whole time on purpose. I figured it was too depressing, so why bother!!! I feel good, other than tremendous lower back pain that shoots down my leg, oh what fun!! My BP was up which is not surprising because work has been insanely busy and the back pain has something to do with it too. Well, now I am sure I have bored you to death, but TOO BAD!! You can stop reading if you really are bored!! More next time!!

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