Monday, April 13, 2009

First Easter

We had a FABULOUS Easter!! We traveled to VA for the weekend. We stayed at our good friend's B&B. We had a really great relaxing time and C.J. did wonderful on his first road trip, for the most part. The ride home was a little hairy, but we somehow survived!! Here are some pics of his first Easter, he and his friend Natalie look sooo cute together, don't they? Too bad she's a little too old for him!


Mary said...

They are adorable. So glad you are all having a great time together. Hugs to all.

Penny said...

Great looking family! Jill, your hair is getting long, looks good. Natalie and CJ? I don't think their too far apart in age. They may just want to wait til they're in their 20's (or 40's) to date. lol :o)